Slave Queen of Babylon (1963)
Woman fights for power in Assyrian empire and begins re-building the city of Babylon; Ninth Dynasty of Babylon, around 811 BC
The Queen of Babylon (1954)
Babylon rebels against the Assyrian empire, 626 B.C.
Head of a Tyrant (1959)
Girl gives herself to cruel Assyrian tyrant who has conquered her city in order to overthrow him
War Gods of Babylon (1962)
In the later years of the Assyrian Empire, there is conflict between King Ashurbanipal (reign 668 – c. 627 BC) and his brother Shamash-shum-ukin
The Beast of Babylon Against the Son of Hercules (1963)
Last Mesopotamian king of Babylon, Nabonidus (reign 556-539), left rule to his son Belshazzar, and Babylon is overthrown by Cyrus the Great of Persia
Intolerance (1916)
First of four stories deals with intolerance in Babylon that leads to its fall to the Persians, 539 B.C.