Pre-War Greece & Macedonia

Blood on the Land (1965)
Hard life of poor Greek land workers in Thessalia at beginning of 20th century; and Marinos Antypas, socialist critic assassinated
Dust (2001)
At the turn of the 20th century, one brother fights for the Ottoman sultan and the other is a Macedonian rebel
Before the Rain (1994)
In Macedonia interwoven tales against a backdrop of ethnic hatred
Eleftherios Venizelos (1980)
Famed Greek politician of the 1909-1920 period
Meteor and Shadow (1985)
Poet Napoleon Lapathiotis and his shocking lifestyle
The Weeping Meadow (2004)
Roughly spans the period from the end of World War I to post World War II, 1919-1949
Days of 36 (1972)
Drama with background the 4th of August Regime, a military dictatorship under General Ioannis Metaxas that ruled Greece from 1936 to 1941
Rembetiko (1983)
40 years of the life of Greek popular singer Marika Ninou (1922-1957) covers a great deal of Greek history