Hitler’s Rise

German Revolution 1918 to the formal establishment of the Weimar Republic in August 1919
Good (2008)
Evil triumphs when good men do nothing
Der Rat der Götter (1950)
Industrialists cooperate with the Nazis for goods and profit
A Jewish art dealer helps a struggling artist named Adolf Hitler
Cabaret (1972)
German decadence during Weimar Regime
I am a Camera (1955)
Precursor to the Movie "Cabaret"
Christopher and his Kind (2011)
Real story of "Cabaret"
The Damned (1969)
A German family declines as the Nazi party rises; covers "The Night of the Long Knives"
Bent (1997)
A homosexual chooses the wrong night to have sex with a storm trooper because he gets caught up in the Night of the Long Knives
The Tin Drum (1979)
Post-Hitler German recognition of the madness of Fascism.
Mephisto (1981)
A German actor thinks true art can triumph even if it's the Nazis who are in charge
The Hindenburg (1975)
Doomed flight of the Zeppelin; George C. Scott
Triumph of the Will (1935)
Hitler's effective use of propaganda at Nuremberg rallies
The Jesse Owens Story (1984)
American track star who upsets Hitler at 1936 Olympics in Berlin
The Joe Louis Story (1953)
The heavy weight champion fights German Max Schmeling
The Great Dictator (1940)
Charles Chaplin mocking the actions of the dictator Hitler
The Sound of Music (1965)
Singing group escapes from Austria after Nazi takeover
A few students at Munich University oppose Hitler's fascist regime
The White Rose (1982)
A few students at Munich University oppose Hitler's fascist regime
The last five days of Sophie Scholl's life
Edelweiss Pirates (2004)
Group of young men resisting Hitler's regime
Bauhaus -Broken Wings (2006)
March 23rd 1933, students at the Bauhaus School for Arts and Architecture try to save their art from the Nazis
Hitler: Beast of Berlin (1939)
Use of torture, imprisonment and concentration camps by Hitler's Germany
Hitler’s SS: Portrait in Evil (1985)
Two brothers come to regret their involvement with the Nazis
Enemy of Women (1944)
Joseph Goebbles, propaganda minister