Spanish Civil War

Belle Epoque (1992)
Love blooms for a young man during the early period of the Second Spanish Republic (1931-1939)
Land and Freedom (1995)
Spanish Civil War; from a Hemingway novel
Death in Granada (1996)
Executed; Spanish Civil War
Little Ashes (2008)
The friendship of film director Luis Bunuel, artist Salvador Dali and writer Federico Garcia Lorca
Talk of Angels (1998)
Irish woman flees impending marriage to a political activist only to find political troubles in 1930s Spain
Hemingway (1988)
The life and loves of the Nobel Prize winner for Literature
Hemingway & Gellhorn (2012)
Love affair between two war correspondents, Hemingway and Gellhorn
The Girl of Your Dreams (1998)
Franco's Spain makes movies in Hitler's Germany
¡Ay, Carmela! (1990)
Captured republican theatre players search their consciences about performing for the fascists
Soldiers of Salamina (2003)
A woman reporter chases down the story of fascist poet Rafael Sánchez Mazas who escaped a massacre of 50 fascist prisoners
Butterfly (1999)
Fascism didn't mean much until they started rounding up people
Viridiana (1961)
Parable of the Spanish Civil War by director Luis Bunuel
The Spirit of the Beehive (1973)
A child's attempts to make sense out of the horrific effects of the Franco dictatorship
Broken Silence (2001)
A young woman loves a Republican rebel which leads to a great many problems for her
Blockade (1938)
Anti-war drama of peasant farmer forced to take up arms to defend his farm during the Spanish Civil War
The Mirror (1975)
Life in the Ukraine following WWII with an intermixture of drama and documentary footage (including Spanish Civil War)
The Hunt (1966)
On a 4-man hunt, bad memories return concerning the Spanish Civil War and lead to big trouble
Libertarias (1996)
In the Spanish civil war nun Maria flees her convent, joins a woman's anarchist group and fights on the front
Cows (1992)
Following two Basque families from 1875-1936, from the Carlist War to the Spanish Civil War
Una Pasion Singular (2003)
Blas Infante, "the father of Andalucia," in the Spanish Civil War
The Holy Innocents (1984)
A critical look at the terrible inequality in the Spanish country life of the 1960s
Head in the Clouds (2004)
Two women and one man confronted with the growing fascism in Spain & eventual civil war
According to Pereira (1995)
Journalist Sostiene Pereira, working at the time of Antonio de Oliveira Salazar in 1938 during the Spanish civil war, tries not to take sides in the conflict
The Blind Sunflowers (2008)
Under fascism in Spain, a high school teacher and his family has to live in fear while trying to avoid being caught by the police for the thoughts and writings of the husband
13 Roses (2007)
Republican women try to keep their republican ideal in the aftermath of Franco's victory
Salvador Puig Antich (2006)
Based on the life of the last person executed by the garrote under the dictator Francisco Franco
The Anarchist’s Wife (2008)
The anarchist's wife never gives up hope of seeing her husband again after he fought in the Spanish Civil War and then joined the French Resistance and then fought against Franco and his regime
Ogro (1979)
Clandestine Basque organization ETA plans to kill Franco successor, Admiral Carrero Blanco
Raza (1942)
Film glorifying the fascist forces defeating the democratic ones in the Spanish Civil War
Cruzada en la mar (1968)
Spanish Civil War
Días rojos (2004)
Spanish Civil War
20-N: Los últimos días de Franco (2008)
The last days of dictator Francisco Franco
Mirant al cel (2008)
Spanish Civil War
The Siege of the Alcazar (1940)
A piece of fascist propaganda; during the Spanish Civil War the Alcazar of Toledo, 45 minutes from Madrid, is besieged by Republican forces
The Long Holidays of 1936 (1976)
On a long vacation a family tries to remain neutral in the Spanish Civil War
Carol’s Journey (2002)
Carol is a Spanish-American from NYC, but her dad fights in the Spanish Civil War; she & her mother go to Spain
La Forja de un rebelde (1990)
Autobiographic trilogy of Arturo Barea who became involved in the Spanish civil War; TV series
La buena nueva (2008)
Priest Miguel tries to defend the victims of shootings by the National Front but finds the church is siding with the fascists and not the republic
Days of Hope (1940)
A Republican aerial squadron needs to wipe out a secret Franco air field, but don't know its location; so they take an illiterate peasant up in the air with them
Behold a Pale Horse (1964)
Spanish republican, Manuel Artiguez, continues to fight Franco's fascist forces even after the Republicans lost the war; a policeman plans to trap him
La hora de los valientes (1998)
A man and a woman try to save a Goya masterpiece amidst the violence of war
Dragón rapide (1986)
Two weeks before the start of the Spanish Civil War in 1936; the title is the name of the type of plane used by Franco in the carrying out of his overthrow of the Spanish Republic
Long Live Death (1971)
Spanish Civil War (warning about some explicit scenes of, for instance, cows being killed)
Peregrina (1974)
Others (Mexico)
Love affair between journalist Alma Reed and Governor of Yucatan, Felipe Carillo Puerto during time of Obregon (pres 1920-1924)
The General’s Daughter (1976)
Others (Mexico)
Centers on the Cristero movement, an uprising of Catholic fundamentalists
La Guerra Santa (1979)
Others (Mexico)
A poor pottery maker is coerced into fighting with the Christian army in the Cristero Rebellion (1926-1929)
For Greater Glory: The True Story of Cristiada (2012)
Others (Mexico)
Cristero War (1926–29) (aka La Cristiada), a mass popular uprising against anti-Catholicism of the ruling Mexican government