USA: 1920s

Chariots of Fire (1981)
1924, English athletes at Olympic games
Knute Rockne, All American (1940)
1924; coach of Notre Dame football team
Dempsey (1983)
Treat Williams as the heavy weight boxing champion Jack Dempsey
Inherit the Wind (1960)
1925 Scopes Trial on evolution, Clarence Darrow vs. Wm Jennings Bryan
The Great Gatsby (1949)
F. Scott Fitzgerald's tale of class snobbery among the rich
Last Call (2002)
Biography of the mature F. Scott Fitzgerald
Spirit of St. Louis (1957)
Lindbergh, first solo trans-Atlantic flight
Crime of the Century (1996)
Lindbergh kidnapping trial
Amelia (2009)
Life and tragic death of Amelia Earhart
Cobb (1994)
TV Cobb (Tommy Lee Jones), great baseball player
The Babe (1992)
With John Goodman
The Great Ziegfeld (1936)
1907-1931 Ziegfeld Follies
Funny Girl (1968)
1910-1919; Fanny Brice, comedian in Ziegfeld Follies
Funny Lady (1975)
Latter life of Fanny Brice
Tom & Viv (1994)
American poet T. S. Elliott in England
Mrs. Parker And The Vicious Circle (1994)
1920s New York intellectual circle meeting at Algonquin Hotel

Gangsters: Prohibition

Al Capone (1959)
With Rod Steiger
The Untouchables (1987)
Kevin Costner as gangster hunter Eliot Ness
Eight Men Out (1988)
New York
1919 Black Sox scandal in baseball
King of the Roaring 20’s (1961)
New York
Arnold Rothstein, Jewish gangster
Lansky (1999)
New York
Gangster Meyer Lansky
Lepke (1975)
New York
Leader of Murder, Inc.
Billy Bathgate (1991)
New York
Dustin Hoffman plays ‘30s gangster Dutch Schultz
Portrait of a Mobster (1961)
New York
Dutch Schultz
Bugsy (1991)
New York
Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel, gangster who helped build Las Vegas
Gangster Wars (1981)
New York
Three poor ghetto kids in turn-of-the-century New York grow up to become feared gangsters: Lucky Luciano, Bugsy Siegel, Arnold Rothstein
The Bonnie Parker Story (1958)
Bonnie of Bonnie & Clyde
Public Enemies (2009)
With Johnny Depp as Dillinger, infamous bank robber
Dillinger (1945)
Infamous bank robber
Dillinger (1973)
Dillinger (1991)
Mark Harmon as John Dillinger
Machine Gun Kelly (1958)
With Charles Bronson
Melvin Purvis (1974)
G-man who got Dillinger chases Machine Gun Kelly
Bloody Mama (1970)
Ma Barker