USA: The Black Experience

Baby Doll (1956)
Excellent portrayal of white trash of the white southern racist culture by playwright Tennessee Williams
Cross of Fire (1989)
Story of the rise and fall of 1920s' Ku Klux Klan leader D.C. Stephenson
Black Legion (1937)
Bogart as a factory worker who, after failing to get a desired promotion and it goes to a guy named Dombrowski instead, decides to join a KKK type group.
Lady Sings the Blues (1972)
Sidney J. Furie 1935-1942, Blues singer Billie Holiday
Josephine Baker Story (1991)
American becomes famous Paris entertainer
Sounder (1976)
Sharecroppers in 1930's Louisiana try to survive poverty
Once Upon a Time… When We Were Colored (1995)
1940s Mississippi to civil rights movement
Rosewood (1997)
1922-1923 burning of a black town in Florida
Leadbelly (1976)
Master of the 12-string guitar
Miss Evers’ Boys (1997)
Using Blacks as guinea pigs for syphilis study
The Joe Louis Story (1953)
The heavy weight champion
Joe and Max (2002)
Joe Louis and Max Schmeling representing America and Germany fight it out for the heavy weight championship of boxing
Glory & Honor (1998)
Black man Mathew Henson who accompanied Peary to the North Pole
10,000 Black Men Named George (2002)
A. Philip Randolph works for unionization of black porters