Rise of Islam

The Message (1976)
Mohammed (570-633), founder of the Islamic faith
Dawn of Islam (1971)
Hassam, son of a powerful sheik, meets the prophet Mohammed and converts to the new religion, but runs afoul of his father
Abu Zeid el Hilali (1947)
Abbasid (750-1260)
10th century Islamic Egyptian hero leader Abu Zayd al-Hilali; he and his wife break away from his father's tribe; later the two tribes engage in battle and son and father have to fight it out (in Arabic)
The Castilian (1963)
Abbasid (750-1260)
Spanish film of the first independent Count of Castile, 931-970, who opposed the Moors
El Cid (1961)
Seljuq Turks
1094, takes Valencia from the Moors
La spada del Cid (1962)
Seljuq Turks
Based on the homonymous poem and other documents from the époque
I cento cavalieri (1964)
Seljuq Turks
El Cid's son Diego Rodríguez killed fighting invading Muslim Almoravids from North Africa at Battle of Consuegra, 1097
Destiny (1997)
Seljuq Turks
The story of Islamic philosopher Averroes (1126-1198) in Spanish province of Andalusia
King Conqueror (2009)
Ottoman Empire (1250-1517)
James I of Aragon (reign 1213-1287) part of the Reconquista (c. 718 and lasting around 800 years)
La conquista de Albania (1984)
Ottoman Empire (1250-1517)
Second marriage of Louis of Navarre (1341-1376) gives him the rights to Durazzo and the Kingdom of Albania and Louis strives for their recovery