Medieval Scandinavia

Hamlet (1964)
Based on 6th century, legend of Amleth, Prince of Denmark from the Danish Gesta Danorum
Hamlet (1964)
Shakespeare with Richard Burton
Hamlet at Elsinore (1964)
Shakespeare with Christopher Plummer
Shakespeare with Alfred Ryder
Hamlet (1969)
Shakespeare with Nicol Williamson
Hamlet (1990)
Shakespeare with Mel Gibson
Hamlet (1996)
Shakespeare with Kenneth Branagh
Hamlet (2009)
Shakespeare with David Tennant
Royal Deceit (1994)
Based on original sources, a young prince, after discovering that his father has been murdered, vows to avenge his death and regain the crown
The Vikings (1958)
The scourge of Ireland and England/Scotland as well as elsewhere
Erik the Conqueror (1961)
8th-9th century Vikings attack Britain
A Viking Saga: The Darkest Day (2013)
Fictional story of Hereward the Wake of England trying to stop the Saxons from getting a copy of the Christian Bible; the real Hereward the Wake fought the Norman invasion of England
Shadow of the Raven (1988)
Irishman sees vengeance against Norway Vikings in Iceland in the Viking Age, c. 900
The 13th Warrior (1999)
Sweden's House of Munsö (970-1060)
10th century Arab shocked by Viking behavior in Russia
Valhalla Rising (2009)
Sweden's House of Munsö (970-1060)
Year 1000 A.D., discovery of the new world
Severed Ways: The Norse Discovery of America (2007)
Sweden's House of Munsö (970-1060)
In 1007 Vikings mistakenly leave two men behind and the men have to struggle with nature, Irish monks, Abenaki natives and their own natures to try to get back to the Viking settlement
The Norseman (1978)
Sweden's House of Munsö (970-1060)
11th century Viking prince sailed all the way to North America in search of his lost father
The Viking Sagas (1995)
Sweden's House of Munsö (970-1060)
Battles for the chieftainship in Viking Iceland
A Viking Saga (2008)
Sweden's House of Munsö (970-1060)
Viking story
White Viking (1991)
Sweden's House of Munsö (970-1060)
Continuation of the Icelandic Sagas around 1,000 AD and the reign of King Olaf, who holds the wife of Askur hostage
The Long Ships (1964)
Sweden's House of Munsö (970-1060)
Vikings against the Moors in search of a huge, all-gold bell
The Last of the Vikings (1961)
Sweden's House of Munsö (970-1060)
Norwegian Vikings try to overthrow the tyrant Sveno
The Last Viking (1997)
Sweden's House of Munsö (970-1060)
Danish movie from boy Harald's perspective about a mad king out to confiscate all the ships of his village
Outlaw: The Saga of Gisli (1981)
Sweden's House of Munsö (970-1060)
An Icelandic film about and accurately depicting the peoples involved in a Viking blood feud (based on the Icelanders' Sagas called the Gísla saga)
Hagbard and Signe (1967)
Sweden's House of Munsö (970-1060)
Icelandic Viking saga