Post-War France

New World (1995)
French resentment of the "American occupation"
Almost Peaceful (2002)
In post-war France, Jewish Parisians try to build a new life after the Holocaust
La Haine (1995)
Social and racial tension in the outskirts of French cities leads to some nasty riots
Liberty Belle (1983)
A student, Paris, 1959-1960, gets involved with a group opposing the French Algerian war
La Chinoise (1967)
Leftist French youth on the eve of the May 1968 student riots
De Gaulle (2006)
Charles De Gaulle's career, 1939-1959
Farewell De Gaulle, Farewell (2009)
De Gaulle disapproves of the student uprisings of May 1968
Blame It on Fidel! (2006)
A married couple in Paris 1970-1971 become radicalized which deeply affects their nine year old child
The Last Mitterrand (2005)
Ambivalent portrait of President Francois Mitterrand (1981-1995)