East Germany

The Promise (1994)
1961, a couple get separated from each other when trying to escape from East to West Berlin; Konrad is left behind and has to go to enormous lengths to sneak brief visits with Sophie
Sun Alley (1999)
17-year-old boy growing up in communist East Germany in the 1970s
The Lives of Others (2006)
1984 East Berlin, Stasi surveillance tactics changes the life of one Stasi worker
Good Bye, Lenin (2003)
After unification of the two Germanys, a son tries to restore East German life so his mother recently out of a coma won't have a relapse
Berlin Calling (2008)
East German Martin, after getting out of prison after 12 years, finds it hard to adjust to life in Berlin after German unification
The Miracle of Berlin (2008)
The lives of a young East German, his girlfriend and his parents are changed forever with the coming down of the Berlin Wall, 1989
Paths in the Night (1999)
He was a once-powerful man in East Germany, but after the fall of the Berlin Wall, he is redundant and adrift
Westwind (2011)
1988, a year before the fall of the Berlin Wall, and 17-year-old twins Doreen and Isabel face a conflict when Doreen falls for Arne; their lives are about to be turned upside down
The Red Cockatoo (2006)
Union of East and West Germany
Kleinruppin forever (2004)
Identical twins Ronny and Tim switch places forcing Tim to experience life in East Germany
The Legend of Rita (2000)
A terrorist in West Germany moves over to East Germany but is afraid her cover will be blown, especially when East and West Germany unite