West Germany

Germany, Pale Mother (1980)
A German woman and her daughter try to survive while the father is away fighting; dad returns and it gets worse
The Nasty Girl (1990)
A German girl researches her town's past, discovers collaboration with the Nazis and earns the enmity of the townspeople
The Tunnel (2001)
Escaping from East Berlin to West Berlin via a tunnel
Heimat (1984)
Germany in the years 1919-1982 through the eyes of a woman named Maria
Heimat 2: Chronicle of a Generation (1992)
Portrait of German youth in the wild 1960s
Heimat 3: A Chronicle of Endings and Beginnings (2004)
A chronicle of Germany (1989 to 2000)
Germany Year Zero (1948)
Young German boy suffers from the hard times following the end of WWII
The Marriage of Maria Braun (1979)
Rough times for Germany immediately following the end of WWII
The Big Lift (1950)
Berlin Airlift
The Airlift (2005)
Made for TV movie about Berlin airlift
Last days of West German Chancellor Willy Brandt, (Chancellor from 1969-1974)
Stammheim (1986)
The trial in Stammheim Prison of the left-wing terrorist Baader-Meinhof Group
The Baader Meinhof Complex (2008)
The story of the German leftist terrorist Baader Meinhof Gang
The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum (1975)
Panic over Red Army Faction terrorism in the 1970s Germany
The Day Will Come (2009)
Daughter meets her mother and is disturbed about mom's past with the terrorist group Red Army Faction (RAF), but mom has no regrets about it
Germany in Autumn (1978)
Trying to form an idea about the state of German politics in the age of terrorism, year 1977
Marianne & Juliane (1981)
1968, West German reporter Julianne starts to question the system when her terrorist sister Marianna is treated very badly
The Miracle of Bern (2003)
Troubles for a family following the end of WWII
Roses for the Prosecutor (1959)
Attempts of German society to overcome the shadows of the past
My School Chum (1960)
Fellow writes a letter asking for release of a Jewish man recently arrested and now must be declared insane to avoid being executed
Deutschstunde (1971)
Youth's uncle is an expressionist painter who the Nazis forbid to paint; youth helps hide uncle's newest paintings from his conservative, policeman father
Taking Sides (2001)
Famous conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic undergoes de-Nazification and an American major forces him to re-examine his life during the Third Reich