Post-War Greece & Macedonia

The Travelling Players (1975)
Some traveling actors recount the terrible events that happened in Greece, 1939 to just before 1952
Eleni (1985)
A grown-up Greek-American son searches for the executioner of his Greek mother in the Greek Civil War
Petrina hronia (1985)
1954-1974; a couple is separated by the Greek Civil War
A Touch of Spice (2003)
Unrequited love for a young Greek-Turkish boy who has to leave his love when his family is deported from Turkey back to Greece
Waiting for the Clouds (2003)
An old Greek woman takes care of her sister and herself on Turkey's northeastern Black Sea Coast, haunted by not knowing what happened to her little brother
Z (1969)
1963 killing of the Greek liberal politician Gregorios Lambrakise
The Rehearsal (1974)
Indictment of the Greek military junta (1967-1974)
Happy Day (1976)
The story of the director’s exile to an island by the Greek military dictatorship
End of an Era (1994)
1969-1970 Greece as seen through the eyes of a group of high school seniors
The Man with the Carnation (1980)
Greece between 1949-1974
From the Snow (1993)
1990 Greece as seen through the eyes of travelers heading from Corfu to Athens
All of us, Efendi (1998)
Civil war in Greece
Ulysses’ Gaze (1995)
In search of lost film reels, a Greek-American director travels across the Balkans, ending up in bomb destroyed Sarajevo
Before the Rain (1994)
Ethnic conflict in Macedonia
How I Killed a Saint (2004)
2001 ethnic conflict in Macedonia involving the country's Albanian minority seen through the eyes of two siblings with opposing views
The Great Water (2004)
Elderly Macedonian politician has heart attack & has flashbacks of his youth: orphaned by WWII, in the orphanage he went through "reprogramming" to be pro-communist; rebellious, he breaks a statue of Stalin
I am from Titov Veles (2007)
Portrait of an economically declining post-communist Macedonia in which three sisters try to escape from their dying community