Independence for India (1947)

Gandhi (1982)
1915 onward; arrested in 1922 for civil disobedience against British rule
The Making of the Mahatma (1996)
Gandhi's politically formative years in South Africa
Carry On, Munna Bhai (2006)
To impress a woman a Mumbai thug pretends to be an expert in Gandhian philosophy
Anand Math (1952)
Indian resistance to colonial rule
Kisna: the Warrior Poet (2005)
Love story between British girl and Indian boy set in 1940s Indian Independence Movement
Lord Mountbatten: The Last Viceroy (1986)
Helps bring independence to India
Laaj (2003)
Hindu girl with a Muslim boy equals problems; set in the 1930s; the Pashtoons of India's northwest frontier turned against the ruling British Raj
Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose: The Forgotten Hero (2005)
Subhas Chandra Bose (1897-1945) a Bengali leader who favored violent means to liberate India
Shaheed-e-Azam (2002)
Bhagat Singh; celebrated martyr of Indian independence movement; hanged by the British March 23, 1931
Kerala Varma Pazhassi Raja (2009)
Fight for Indian independence
Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar (2000)
Leader of India's dalits ("untouchables")
Nine Hours to Rama (1963)
Events leading up to assassination of Gandhi in 1948
Staying On (1980)
A British colonel and his wife decide to remain in India after the departure of the British in 1947
Shakespeare Wallah (1965)
A fast fading family acting troupe reflects the loss of British influence in India
Jinnah (1998)
Partition of India, Pakistan & Bangledesh
Mohammed Ali Jinnah, founder of Pakistan
Earth (1998)
Partition of India, Pakistan & Bangledesh
Love story set against religious violence following Indian independence in 1947
Train to Pakistan (1998)
Partition of India, Pakistan & Bangledesh
Ethnic violence between Hindus, Muslims & Sikhs in Punjab after British left in 1947
Bhowani Junction (1956)
Partition of India, Pakistan & Bangledesh
A female half-breed officer is not fully accepted by either the British or the Indians and suffers greatly from this; can she find happiness with a British soldier?
Hey Ram (2000)
Partition of India, Pakistan & Bangledesh
Bloody civil war between Hindus and Muslims that ultimately led to the neo-Islamic state of Pakistan
Dharmputra (1961)
Partition of India, Pakistan & Bangledesh
Set in Delhi, violence marks the partition of India in 1947
Gadar: Ek Prem Katha (2001)
Partition of India, Pakistan & Bangledesh
A Sikh-Muslim love story set during the 1947 partition
Pinjar (2003)
Partition of India, Pakistan & Bangledesh
The partition of India of 1947 as seen especially in the state of Punjab
Partition (2007)
Partition of India, Pakistan & Bangledesh
Partition of India, 1947
The Last Days of the Raj (2007)
Pakistan & Bangledesh
Dealing with the division of India into Pakistan and India
Pukar (1983)
Partition of India, Pakistan & Bangledesh
After 1947 a boy who sees his father shot by a "revolutionary" fights to kill all revolutionaries in Goa, but earns the hatred of almost every Goan
The Clay Bird (2002)
Partition of India, Pakistan & Bangledesh
Set in 1971, India intervenes on the side of the Bangladeshis against Pakistan, whose forces surrendered and Bangla Desh ("Country of Bangla") was established
Children of War (2014)
Partition of India, Pakistan & Bangledesh
Rape and religion used as war weapons in Bangladesh in 1971
Sardar (1993)
After the division
A biopic of Vallabhbhai Patel, India's first home minister and deputy prime minister
Border (1997)
After the division
Battle of Longewala in the Indo-Pakistani war, 1971
1971 (2007)
After the division
True story of prisoners of war after the Indo-Pakistani war of 1971
Bandit Queen (1994)
After the division
Indian film about female Indian outlaw Phoolan Devi (Seema Biswas), 1980s
Tango Charlie (2005)
After the division
Indian soldiers fighting against various terrorists
LOC Kargil (2003)
After the division
1999 India-Pakistan Kargil war
Border Hindustan Ka (2003)
After the division
Love story set against the Pakistani and Indian struggle over the Indian province of Kashmir
A Peck on the Cheek (2002)
Sri Lanka
A civil war in Sri Lanka separates a mother and her baby girl, who is adopted into an Indian family; the girl insists that her adoptive parents take her to Sri Lanka to find her biological mother