Mexican Revolution (1910-1920)

The Attempt Dossier (2010)
Political corruption in the Porfirio Diaz government
TV mini-series about the Mexican Revolution
Senda de gloria (1987)
TV series on the Mexican Revolution
The Comet (1999)
A young Mexican girl wants to get the collected money to San Antonio, Texas to support Madero in his fight against dictator General Porfirio Diaz
Cuartelazo (1977)
General Vitoriano Huerta overthrows Madera in a plot with US ambassador to Mexico, Henry Lane Wilson; he was president 1913-1914
My Memories of Mexico (1944)
Remembrances of Mexico under Diaz
Remembrances of Mexico under Diaz
Thunder over Mexico (1933)
Excesses of the powerful in the days of dictator Porfirio Diaz
Viva Villa! (1934)
Pancho Villa, head of the army of the North, 1916, Mexico
Let’s Go with Pancho Villa (1936)
A group of 6 men from the same village decide to join the Villa forces
And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself (2003)
Pancho Villa raises money by agreeing to let the Americans film his battles
Dull; Mexican revolutionary
Villa Rides! (1968)
An American pilot becomes involved with Pancho Villa and the Mexican Revolution
Old Gringo (1989)
About the writer Ambrose Bierce who at 70 was a volunteer with Villa
Pancho Villa (1972)
Non-historical comedy
A wife becomes a soldier's woman when her husband is conscripted into the Mexican Revolution
Reds (1981)
Journalist John Reed interviewed Villa
Reed: Insurgent Mexico (1972)
American journalist John Reed and the Mexican Revolution
Caballo prieto azabache (1968)
Shelters Villa in his early days after he killed a landowner and then Villa repays a debt
El principio (1973)
An artist joins the forces of Villa
A Villa supporter finds a rich man, steals his sweetheart and Villa is asked for help
Villa's hidden treasure leads to a great struggle over who will get the treasure
Flor Silvestre (1943)
Set against the Mexican Revolution, class differences between a rich man and poor woman leads to family divisions
Farm worker joins Pancho Villa General; fights in takeover of Zacatecas; promoted to rank of lieutenant colonel
Mexican Revolution
La muerte de Pancho Villa (1974)
The murder of Pancho Villa, 1923
Under Strange Flags (1937)
Pancho Villa prevents some Americans from getting their mined-in-Mexico silver