Fall of Eagles (1974)
Part of it deals with Bismarck and the unification of Germany and the fall of the Habsburgs of Austria-Hungary
Bismarck (1940)
About Otto von Bismarck (1815-1898) (done by the Third Reich)
Bismarck (1990)
West German TV mini-series
Bismarck’s Dismissal (1942)
About Bismarck (sequel by the Third Reich)
Hitler's favorite composer
Rosa Luxemburg (1986)
Labor agitator in Germany
Kuhle Wampe (1932)
Left-wing politics in Weimar Germany (written by Bertolt Brecht); banned by the Nazis
The Farewell (2000)
Bertolt Brecht's last summer and the women in his life with the Stasi watching it all