Russian & Turkey to French Revolution & Beyond

Boris Godunov (1986)
Rurik Dynasty (1547-1598)
De facto regent of Russia, 1584-1598, and then the first non-Rurikid tsar, 1598 to 1605
Mest shuta (1993)
Rurik Dynasty (1547-1598)
1500s Russia
1612: Khroniki smutnogo vremeni (2007)
Usurper I: False Dmitry I (1605-1606)
Russian film set in the Time of Troubles and the Polish-Muscovite War (1605-1618)
Day of the Siege (2012)
House of Romanov (1613-1721)
Siege of Vienna by the Turks
Peter the Great (1986)
Peter the Great (1689-1725)
1689-1725, Russian Czar; 1710-11 war with Ottoman Empire
Yunost Petra (1980)
Peter the Great (1689-1725)
Young Peter the Great
V nachale slavnykh del (1980)
Peter the Great (1689-1725)
Peter the Great and the build up of the Russian Navy
The Sovereign’s Servant (2007)
Peter the Great (1689-1725)
1709 Battle of Poltava during war between Russia and Sweden (The Great Northern War, 1700-1721)
Epitaph für einen König (1969)
Peter the Great (1689-1725)
Epitaph for a king; Karl XII of Sweden (1697-1718)
Isoviha (1939)
Peter the Great (1689-1725)
Story set in 18th century Finland when the country was occupied twice by Russia, during the Great Northern War (1700-1721) and the Lesser Wrath (1741–1742)
Young Catherine (1991)
Catherine the Great (1762-1796)
1762-1796, Catherine the Great of Russia; 1768 war with Turkey (TV miniseries)
The Scarlet Empress (1934)
Catherine the Great (1762-1796)
Catherine the Great
Catherine the Great (1934)
Catherine the Great (1762-1796)
With Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. and Flora Robeson
Catherine of Russia (1963)
Catherine the Great (1762-1796)
Italian film
Catherine the Great (1995)
Catherine the Great (1762-1796)
With Catherine Zeta-Jones
The Rise of Catherine the Great (1934)
Catherine the Great (1762-1796)
Troubled marriage of Catherine II (played by German actress Elisabeth Bergner) to Peter III (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) and her subsequent ascension to the throne as Empress of Russia
A Royal Scandal (1945)
Catherine the Great (1762-1796)
Love life of Russian Czarina Catherine the Great (with Tallulah Bankhead)
Tempest (1958)
Catherine the Great (1762-1796)
Pugachev peasant uprising during the reign of Catherine the Great
Captain’s Daughter (2000)
Catherine the Great (1762-1796)
During the Pugachev uprising, the love of Masha Mironova and Pyotr Grinev is threatened
Kapitanskaya dochka (1958)
Catherine the Great (1762-1796)
Pugachev uprising of Cossacks and peasants in 1774-1745 under Empress Catherine II (aka Catherine the Great)
Estergon Castle (1972)
Turkey and others
Estergon Castle in Hungary conquered by Turkish Invaders under Sultan Suleiman II in 1543
Nomad (2005)
Turkey and others
A young fellow in 18th-century Kazakhstan unites the country's disunited tribes
Zhauzhürek myng bala (2012)
Turkey and others
At the battle of Anyrakay in 1729 the Kazackhs defeat the Dzungars & taking control of their own territory for the first time in their history