Poland and the Soviet Union and Stalin
Mala Moskwa (2008)
A love story set in 1967, Legnica (headquarters of the Soviet forces in Poland ), comprising a Soviet enclave closed to outsiders
Man of Marble (1977)
In Poland, criticism of Stalinist Realism of Nowa Huta, a new socialist city (followed up by Man of Iron)
General Nil (2009)
Twentieth century Polish hero, Emil Fieldorf (1895-1953), aka General Nil, executed under Soviet occupation of Poland
The Scar (1976)
An honest party man fights to keep his values against great corruption in the building of a chemical factory in Poland, 1970
Man of Iron (1981)
Solidarity labor movement that helped the Poles push for Polish independence from the Soviet Union (follow up to Man of Marble)
To Kill a Priest (1988)
Catholic priest Jerzy Popieluszko allies himself with the Polish Solidarity movement
Popieluszko. Wolnosc jest w nas (2009)
The Solidarity Chaplain killed by the Soviets
Karol: A Man Who Became Pope (2005)
From 1939 German Invasion to almost through end of Soviet Occupation of Poland
Calls Controlled (1991)
Black comedy about the outbreak of Martial Law in Poland in 1981-1983
No End (1985)
A Polish woman struggles with personal problems while Poland is under martial law and Solidarity is banned in 1982