Victorian England to WWI

Affairs of a Rogue (1948)
Romance between the future King Leopold I of Belgium & the daughter of the Prince of Wales (later George IV), Princess Charlotte
Victoria the Great (1937)
Queen Victoria (ruled 1838-1901)
Victoria & Albert (2001)
Love story of Victoria and Albert
The Young Victoria (2009)
Very charming love story of Victoria and Albert
The Story of Vickie (1954)
Victoria becomes the Queen of England and falls in love in Dover
Mrs. Brown (1997)
Queen Victoria after death of husband Albert
The Mudlark (1950)
Queen Victoria after death of husband Albert
Disraeli (1978)
The political career of Benjamin Disraeli
The Prime Minister (1941)
Story of rise of Benjamin Disraeli who came to be the Prime Minister in 1868 and then from 1874-1880
Disraeli (1929)
Conservative Party prime minister. George Arliss plays Disraeli
Suez (1938)
Ferdinand Lesseps struggles to build the Suez Canal, which opened in 1869
Jennie: Lady Randolph Churchill (1974)
Jennie Jerome's life with Lord Randolph Churchill; parents of Winston Churchill
Dickens of London (1976)
4 DVD box set of a British TV miniseries about the great British writer Charles Dickens
Little Dorrit (1987)
Novelist Charles Dickens' political indictment of early 19th century England
River Queen (2005)
In the 1860s a young Irish woman and her family find themselves torn between the British and Maori during the British colonization of New Zealand
Utu (1983)
In the 1870s, Te Kooti's War, a Maori soldier seeks revenge after the British army destroys his home village and kills his uncle
Green Dolphin Street (1947)
English misfits end up in New Zealand; year 1840 (do over)
Rewi’s Last Stand (1925)
Maori girl helps her people in a last stand against the British
The Four Feathers (2002)
Man declared a coward has to go to Sudan to fight the Mahdi's forces to prove he is not a coward
W pustyni i w puszczy (1973)
Two kids kidnapped by the rebels during Mahdi's rebellion in Sudan
In Desert and Wilderness (2001)
Two kids kidnapped by the rebels during Mahdi's rebellion in Sudan
Jack the Ripper (1959)
Serial killer in Victorian England 1888
From Hell (2001)
Jack the Ripper
Wilde (1997)
Homosexual writer and brilliant social critic; height of career 1895
Lillie (1978)
Story of beautiful British actress Lillie Langtry admired by Prince of Wales and Oscar Wilde (as well as Judge Roy Bean of Texas)
Topsy-Turvy (1999)
Music makers Gilbert and Sullivan
Elephant Man (1980)
John Merrick with terribly disfiguring disease finally treated with some dignity (becoming a favorite of Queen Victoria)
Edward the King (1975)
Edward VII (1901-1910)
The life of Queen Victoria's son who became Edward VII
Carrington (1995)
George V (1910-1936)
Love affair between painter Dora Carrington and gay author Lytton Strachey