Bill Clinton (1993-2000)

Primary Colors (1998)
Critical look at candidate Bill Clinton
Wag the Dog (1997)
Pseudo-scenario with implications for President Clinton, but more applicable to George Bush II
Get on the Bus (1996)
Oct 16, 1995 Million Man March led by Lewis Farrakhan of Black Muslims
Selena (1997)
Mexican-American singer becomes pop success and then is murdered, 1995
The Queen (2006)
Queen Elizabeth II and her difficulties opening up to others
The Queen’s Sister (2005)
Biopic of Queen Elizabeth II's sister Margaret (Peggy) who had a knack for getting into trouble
The Deal (2003)
Nasty fight between Tony Blair and Gordon Brown for the leadership of the Labor Party of Great Britain
The Trial of Tony Blair (2007)
Satire about British Prime Minister Tony Blair
The Special Relationship (2010)
Close relationship between Tony Blair of Britain and Bill Clinton
Diana – Her True Story (1993)
1981 engaged to the Prince of Wales; she died in 1997