Allied Invasion of Italy

Anzio (1968)
French-Italian-Spanish movie dealing with the beach landing, January to May, 1944
Darby’s Rangers (1958)
Assault troops in N. Africa & Italy
The Bold and the Brave (1956)
WWII soldiers fighting in Italy
Two Women (1960)
An Italian woman and her daughter try to escape the daily air raids in Rome by heading into the countryside
A Walk in the Sun (1945)
Story of one platoon of Americans fighting in Salerno
The Scarlet and the Black (1983)
Vatican priest hides downed Allied pilots and coordinates with the Italian Resistance
Abandoned (1955)
A mama's boy has great difficulties in breaking away from his mother so he can love a refugee girl around the time of the Italian armistice with the Allies in WWII
Johnny the Partisan (2000)
Germans occupy Italy after September 8, 1943, Italian soldiers head to the hills to set up a resistance movement
Hotel Meina (2007)
Italy declares an armistice with the Allies (September 8, 1943) and the Germans take over, putting the Jewish people in the resort Hotel Meina under detention
Massacre in Rome (1973)
Massacre of Italian citizens (especially Jews) after the partisans attack a German SS company
Red Wood Pigeon (1989)
Star player of the water polo team has a problem with amnesia and goes through over 20 years of Italian communist party history while trying to remember who he is
Baciami piccina (2006)
Sept 1943 Carabiniere Umberto escorts prisoner to Venice. His fiancée follows him; train breaks down; have to go on; armistice with Allies is signed & everything changes
Fear No Evil (1945)
Battle for Monte Cassino, 1944; built by Saint Benedict around 529
Vicious reprisal ordered by Austrian Colonel Kappler in 1944 RomeI